Dogs and Cats


We love pets here at Rainbow’s End and we especially love dogs! If you’d  like to bring your pet to Rainbow’s End please review the following:

All pets must be free of parasites (fleas, ticks and worms) and must be up to date on all immunizations.  Please have your immunization records current and verifiable. We take this very seriously and as a responsible pet owner we are certain that you will understand why. 

Dogs must be on a leash at all times unless they are within the confines of our dog park.

You must pick up your dog’s poop, no matter if your dog is large or small, throughout the entire park. Please don’t make us “remind” you to do this.

Pit Bulls or Pit Bull mixes, or any dogs who have ever shown overt and unprovoked aggression are not welcome at Rainbow’s End.

Dogs are not permitted to be penned or tied outside your rig unless you are present. Additionally, we request that you not leave your dog alone and unattended in your rig if it is known to bark incessantly.

There are formal boarding and grooming facilities nearby that we will be happy to recommend should you be of need.

You’ll find many opportunities to enjoy the Olympic Peninsula with your best friend.  Most of our state and city parks are dog friendly and the town of Sequim itself is very dog friendly, including the ever-popular Saturday farmer’s market.  A large community dog park (segregated for  large and small dogs) is located at Carrie Blake Park in Sequim.

Before you bring along your dog please check the rules. Some areas of the Olympic National Park are environmentally delicate and do not permit them. Other wilderness areas advise against companion dogs for the simple reason that they can be an attractant for large predators such as  mountain lions (cougars).

Cats are not permitted to roam freely at Rainbow’s End. They must be kept inside your rig or taken for walks on a leash/harness.