Dining in Sequim


Sequim offers a wide variety of dining options, from cuisine to rival Canlis to BBQ that would make a southern boy weep. Great Thai restaurants, Chinese, Vietnamese, Mexican, and “American.” 

Sequim, is developing into an enclave of food driven residents and visitors alike, fed by a growing variety of exciting restaurateurs, local purveyors and farmers markets because people here love to dine out and eat well. No wonder really, given the bountiful ingredients on land and sea. 

There are a growing number of gifted chefs that have been drawn here, and are creatively utilizing the rich bounty of the Olympic Peninsula as the foil for their considerable culinary talents.  Organic fruits and vegetables thrive under the attentions of a dedicated and innovative cadre of farmers, for whom sustainable and organic are a given. It is common to find unusual varieties of familiar produce you have never seen before at our local farmer’s markets, and on the menus in our restaurants because many of our farmers are cultivating heirloom strains that have all but disappeared from the wider public marketplace.  

The local seafood is some of the finest in the world.  Freshly caught salmon and halibut, cod, glistening still from the sea.  Oysters and Dungeness Crab.  Fresh with the kiss of the sea. Our local  farmers are producing free range organic poultry, beef, lamb and pork.  Several local creameries not only produce organic raw milk, but artisan cheese as well.  Wine, did I mention wine too? 

We urge you to treat yourself and experience the bounty of the Olympic Peninsula at the hands of one of our excellent locally owned and operated restaurants. These chefs take great pride in featuring the best of our seasonal fresh ingredients with a flair that will make you wonder if you aren’t dining in the finest establishments of Seattle or San Francisco. 

A few of our personal favorites that we feel exemplify slow, whole food with service and ambience to match.

Some Local Dining Options



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